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Bob Friedländer

The story of an Almere’s pioneer and the exclusive picture of Prince Bernhard greeting the Portuguese football legend, Eusébio (1942-2014)

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Bob Friedländer (1942), press photographer, living in Almere since 1980, started his business on May 1, 1963 in Palmstraat, Amsterdam. His photos were sent to all the national and regional newspapers by courier or train, first with general news and later mainly about sports, especially regarding Ajax.

Bob Friedländer with the most famous Dutch football player, Johan Cruijff (1947-2016) at the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam (2006). This box displays a painting of a Bob’s Friedlander photo, showing Johan Cruijff in action, playing football. 4 more paintings of Bob’s photos were included in the box.

One of the top matches was Ajax against Benfica on February 12, 1969, in which top football player Eusébio also played. The match took place while Amsterdam laid under a thick pack of snow that Benfica players had never seen or experienced.

The football match (the goals and the snow) in Amsterdam between Ajax and Benfica

Benfica won the match in the Olympisch Stadion (1-3). Before the start of the game, the players were introduced to HRH Prince Bernhard, Queen’s Juliana husband. Bob Friedländer was the only photographer to slip into the Benfica dressing room and take exclusive photos of the greeting between Eusébio and HRH Prince Bernhard. 

A week later, he flew to Lisbon where Ajax won 1-3 against Benfica.

At the left, HRH Prince Bernhard, Queen’s Juliana husband, greeting Eusébio, at the right.

After photographing several European Cups, Bob moved to Almere on May 1, 1980, where he worked for the Nieuws van de Dag/De Almare and De Telegraaf.

Meanwhile, Bob earned the Almere promotion prize in 2004, due to the regular publication of his news and photos about Almere in the national newspaper De Telegraaf. He was also awarded the Almere honorary medal for his 40 years of photography. In order to commemorate his 50 years career as a photographer, Bob got a tile on the Walk of Fame in Almere. After 1994, Bob was also awarded as
Sports Photographer of the Year.

All mayors of Almere have been frequently photographed by Bob, which is why he is immortalized with them on a large mural in Almere Haven.

On November 18, 2018, Bob’s photos of Johan Cruijff, the famous Dutch football player, became an exhibition at Café op 2, in Almere. Many visitors enjoyed it.

In Almere, Bob photographed hundreds of 1st cover news, hundreds of fires/accidents, openings and all the important news at the time. 

In 1995, Bob was also awarded by the Almere’s fire brigade.

You may watch Bob telling (in Dutch) about his first years in Almere at a NPO "Andere Tijden" episode.

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