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ACCESS Magazine Winter Edition 2022

“Dutch Manhattan” by Sandra Silva

Almere is like an open-air museum of contemporary architecture, where visitors are spoiled with stunning visual lines and geometric forms at every corner.

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ACCESS Magazine Spring-Summer Edition 2022

"Innovate our way out" by Sandra Silva

The Netherlands is leading the way to a healthy and regenerative world food system

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Welcome to Almere city walking tour for International Almere July 23rd  2022

A city walking tour for internationals from Indonesia, Korea and Spain in Almere city center.


The youngest city of the Netherlands

Almere as an international open air architecture museum


A visit to the exhibition “Maak Stad Almere”/“Making Almere” organized by Polderblik Foundation.

If you are a newcomer in Almere and you wish a private city walking tour (solo, couples, family or friends visiting) or if you are just simply visiting the city and the region…

My email is

ACCESS Magazine Winter Edition 2021

“An Orange Tree” by Sandra Silva

An article about the Dutch Royal House, its ruling kings and queens and their contemporary times. From the formation and independence of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815 until nowadays.

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Welcome to Almere & Photo Tour for International Almere

October 16th 2021 

After 21 months with no tours for International Almere due to the Covid 19  pandemic, we were thrilled to be back with a new city walking tour in Almere for a nice group of internationals coming from Bulgaria, Chile, India, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. From the Esplanade and its stunning architecture, we went to Lumièrepark and for a walk in the recent Weerwater lake bridge. Returning to the city center we also visited its oldest part (Olstgracht), and enjoyed public art works, one of them inspired by the Mayan culture.

"I just came back from a walking tour of Almere. Obviously Almere does not have the rich history of a city like Amsterdam so it presents much more of a challenge to tell its story in an inspirational way, but in this Sandra really delivered. Through her extensive knowledge and passion, she really opened my eyes and taught me to look deeper into a city for which I now have a keen interest.”

Duncan Chard, Photographer (United Kingdom)

Photo by Anelia Koleva

1st National Sketch Day Almere 
July 10th 2021

The participants came from all over the country. Almere amazed them with its stunning national and international architecture and the all around greenery. Full of wide and clear spaces, the participants could sketch here and there in safe and agreable conditions. The first stop of my group was at the Esplanade with the Weerwater lake in front. The KAF (Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland), The City, the Lakeside,  the Side by Side, the Silverline, the Urban Entertainment Centre, the Olstgrachtbrug and the Schipperplein were part of my tour, and The Wave residential complex by René van Zuuk.

This event was organized by Urban Sketchers Nederland and Urban Sketchers Almere.

Photo on the right by Hetty Cramm

Video below by Annet van den Oord (Urban Sketchers Nederland).

"Welcome to Almere" 1st Online Event/City Hall Almere
March 31st 2021

A historical moment: the first “Welcome to Almere” online event organized by Almere City Hall for the international community and my first virtual city tour as well. The stunning city’s architecture and Almere garden city concept were the main topics of my presentation.  Historical photos were also shown, such as the first photo of the city and the one of the first residents receiving their house keys.

For more information about this event:

The event was an initiative of Monique Vredenburg (Program Manager Economic Affairs, City of Almere), also the event's moderator.

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"Healthy is the best (out) fit" by Sandra Silva

ACCESS Magazine, Autumn edition 2021

ACCESS (Administrative Committee to Coordinate English Speaking Services) is a not-for-profit organization operating in the Netherlands since 1986. They support the international community providing information and guidance, free of charge, through their helpdesk services, website and expat centres, as well as other services through their childbirth courses, on-call counsellors and training network.

This year, I had the pleasure to write an article about international blogs for the Autumn edition of ACCESS Magazine: “Healthy is the best (out) fit”. Click on the magazine cover to read it.

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Almere Haven, 3rd and 4th July 2021

Bamboo artist Antoon Versteegde (1953) has built an enormous bamboo installation in the shape of a pyramid for Enter Almere Haven Festival. Hanging from the bamboo installation were 10 speakers where we could hear 10 people from Almere speaking the most widely spoken languages in the world: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindustani, Arabic, Malay, Russian, Bengali, French and Portuguese (my voice, in this case). Each soundtrack was synchronized with the other voices and they could only be heard in their close environment. While walking under the artwork we could hear some voices at the same time.

Antoon Versteegde conceives life-sized constructions with lightweight materials such as bamboo to be shown in public locations with free access for everyone. His large-scale interactive projects have proven to be highly successful for realizing huge sculptures in a short time, working with groups of artists and volunteers. The majority of his works is made for temporary display and not intended to be long term or permanent.

Team Franc 2018/Corrosia /Almere Haven

I participated in Team Franc 2018, visiting the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and choosing the glass artwork of Judith Roux. Team Franc is an exhibition organized every year, since 2014, by Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film, in Almere Haven.

Sandra Silva over het werk van Judith Roux /  Sandra Silva over the work of Judith Roux

Right at me – Right through me

Reis ik door de bergen in het midden van de natuur of zie ik middeleeuwse kastelen? En jij? Wat zie jij? De contouren zijn geen grenzen maar fotolijsten. Zachte lijnen van licht en schaduw die veranderen met de plaats van de toeschouwer en het uur van de dag.

Do I travel through the mountains in the middle of nature or do I see medieval castles? And you? What do you see? The outlines are not borders but picture frames. Soft lines of light and shadow changing with the position of the viewer and the time of the day.

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