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Before I became a city guide, I was involved in several social and cultural organizations under which I have given some interviews.

The Art Ambassadors (Kunstambassadeurs) is a project by Design and Art in Public Space Foundation (DKOR-Design Kunst Openbare Ruimte) established in October 21st 2019, in Almere. The Foundation aims to stimulate and document the Art and Design in Almere’s Public Space with projects in the art, design and architecture fields, through lectures, debates, guided tours and workshops.

I was the art ambassador of the “Twee Vrouwen” (Two Women), an artwork of the Dutch artist Roy Villevoye (Maastricht, 1960), located in Tussen de Vaarten Zuid, where I live. Below, the interview I gave to the local TV “Kijk Almere”.

Interview given February 26th 2020, as an Art Ambassador, to the local newspaper "Almere Deze Week", about the artwork "Twee Vrouwen" (2009), in Tussen de Vaarten Zuid, Almere.  

This artwork represents the dialogue between two women from different cultures. They are portrayed looking at each other, having an intimate conversation. One represents a western white woman and the other a black woman, most probably inspired by the regular travels of the artist, Roy Villevoye (Maastricht, 1960), to Papua New Guinea (a former Dutch colony) and its contacts with the Asmat people. The artwork is located next to a lake surrounded by greenery. Looking at the artwork, from the opposite side of the lake, it looks like we are at the cinema, watching a movie clip. The artist, based in Amsterdam, is also known by his short films and photography works.

TEAM FRANC is an exhibition organized by Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film, located in Almere Haven. The special concept of this exhibition was based on an idea from the curator Fleurie Kloostra. The exhibition is put together by residents of the city who visit several Art Academies Graduation Shows and chose the artworks that will be part of the annual exhibition in Corrosia. “Franc” is the name of the current city’s mayor: Franc Weerwind.

I participated in Team Franc 2018, visiting the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and choosing the glass artwork of Judith Roux.

Omroep Flevoland, October 14th, 2018

International Almere is an organization that aims to help internationals to integrate and feel at home in Almere. In 2018, I was part of the board as a Secretary and was hosting twice per month the Dutch Language Café. 

This is the interview I gave to Iamsterdam blog about my experience as an international in Amsterdam area.

Iamsterdam website, August 10th, 2018

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