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Abmi Handayani, Indonesia

"Sandra is a very knowledgeable, passionate, astounding and sweet guide. Walking with her is truly joyful and you will come home teeming with information. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her research is deep and extensive. She absolutely gives life to the profession and to the stories. A deep thank you to her for igniting the feeling of being connected with Almere with the intensity that I have been looking for, after two years living here.For all her efforts, I thank her very much from the bottom of my heart. " 

Monique Vredenburg, The Netherlands
Program Manager Economic Affairs, City of Almere (2021)

“I have come to know Sandra as a very professional city guide. Her passion for architecture, history and art, and the best places to eat and drink, make her a perfect tour guide. Besides being knowledgeable, she always makes sure there is a good atmosphere. Sandra gave a very informative contribution to our first online Welcome to Almere event. From the start of this city in the polder to the latest building projects, she has a good story to tell. I can recommend Sandra as a tour guide if you are interested to learn more about Almere – or the Netherlands - than what you can find in a guide book!”

Luciana Fonseca, Brazil
Project Manager at ACCESS / International Welcome Center Utrecht Region (2021)

“Sandra Silva is a wealth of knowledge, very vibrant, competent and a wonderful host and tour guide. She took us to places we hardly had any idea about and explained important things about the city of Almere including art, architecture and history, and she did it in a fun way making the few hours we were with her very insightful. Thank you Sandra Silva for being so gracious and for taking such good care of us during our city tour.”

Margaret Wuisman, UK
International Almere Director

“The city walking tour was a great and insightful experience. We learned so much about the city, architecture, history, and many more. Thank you and very well done, Sandra. We had so much fun!”

Deepa Nair, India
Indian Summer Festival Foundation

“Thank you very much for the guided tour of Almere. It was a great experience.
It was very well organized with all the important information of Almere.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Would definitely recommend to all.”

Valentina Gonzalez, Chile

“Joining the tour to know more about Almere was really great mainly because of Sandra. She is very skilled and passionate about everything. As an Almere resident but still going to Amsterdam for some activities it was really open-minded to see the city with other eyes and perspectives.

It was fun to walk and discuss the places and experiences with the tour team and end up having a nice closing at Café op 2 for a drink.”

Eneko Dorronsoro Beitia, Spain

“In my opinion we saw and did many things, without it being too much. I got information that is of interesting for me (Oostvaardersplassen, De Voetnoot, international movies in Haven,...) and I discovered many things about Almere, and I had a really good time :) 

Muito obrigado, Sandra, it was a pleasure.”

Lynn Rendell, England

“ I very much enjoyed your walking tour despite the weather! You were very good to include things we may be interested in - for me that included some ideas of where to take my grandson. Thank you. It was interesting to hear about the ideas behind the architecture of the buildings e.g. the Citadel and the older houses in Haven. Thank you for pointing out the different architects. Now I know what to look for. I also enjoyed meeting the artist and her shadow puppets and her ideas behind. It was nice too to stop for a hot drink in the chocolate shop when we all felt a bit cold! The Lego exhibition was interesting too. As it was a small group I enjoyed being able to talk to the different people there as I really do not know many people in Almere yet, and it was good to go into Café op 2 for a drink.”

Alexandra Crisan, Romania

“I really enjoyed exploring Almere with Sandra. She’s a very passionate guide with a warm personality and she shared with us lots of interesting facts about the places we visited. This was a great experience for all our senses, including taste, because she also took us to a cozy café with delicious chocolate and good coffee.

I recommend Sandra to everyone!”

Julita Uzunova, Poland

“Both me and my husband had a great experience with the tour that Sandra organized around Almere!

We learnt a lot about architecture, art, food and nature around here. That was something that we were passing by many times, but we didn't know the background and details about it!

She's incredibly friendly & fun person, and is able to catch your attention quickly with interesting stories. Definitely recommend!”

Rochelle Mulder, The Netherlands
My Comfy Foods Facebook Page

“ I enjoyed very much my Saturday afternoon with Sandra at the market in Almere Stad. For someone who lived here her whole life, it was fun to learn more about my city and be introduced to new spots, like the Hold The Moo coffee truck, where the coffee is so delicious, and the Portuguese food truck with lots of great pastries, spices and baking supplies. We ate a pastry called Pastel de Nata. It was so good! For someone like me, passionate about cooking and new flavours, I loved it! Sandra, I want to thank you so much for this experience. I learnt new things and had a taste of a country that I hope to visit one day, Portugal. “

Aida Neves, Portugal

“ When we arrived at the airport, Sandra Silva was waiting for us to guide us on this beautiful trip to the Netherlands. Sandra adjusted the itinerary to our daughter’s age, at the time, 3 years old. We stayed in Almere and on a Saturday morning Sandra took us to the market, where we tried for the first time a traditional Dutch food (kibbeling) and bought a box of delicious strawberries. We also visited the oldest part of the city, where we enjoyed an ice cream at Mariola. On Sunday we drove to Efteling, in Tilburg and it was wonderful. We looked like children again, not wanting to leave. Back in Almere, Sandra took us to the Pulcinella restaurant (great food and wonderful limoncello). Halfway through our stay, we visited Amsterdam, we walked around the canals, we went to the Book Market in Spui and to the Flower Market nearby. The lunch was at the Amsterdam Historisch Museum. Afterwards, we walked through the gardens of the Rijksmuseum and we took lots of pictures that mirror our joy very well. Nothing has been forgotten, with Sandra always attentive to the details and historical and picturesque aspects of each location, always with her captivating enthusiasm. She took us, as well, to the windmills in Zaanse Schaans and the typical houses in Marken. Alkmaar and Hindeloopen in the north of the Netherlands proved to be pleasant and unexpected surprises, having been the last regions we visited, before returning to Almere and Amsterdam. 

One day I would like to go back and revisit the places where we were and visit so many others that we don’t know yet.

 Thank you, Sandra, for the friendliness and competence with which you received us.”

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